Be Brave. Take Risks. Nothing can substitute experience.

This means an activity of a series of "flow of products" until products are delivered to customers after they are manufactured. This is an activity to support the basis for economic activity and plays an important role in connecting producers with consumers and support bases of industries and lives of people.

We materilize supply chain in high quality resulted by achieved transactions around the world including direct/indirect/third country trade. We support your global development through supporting activities including customs clearance,marketing development and securing of porcurements routes by across the ocean/border.

We will solve problems of "want to purchase, sell, rent and lease" of real estate which is the foundation of lifestyle, and problems related to various real estate from brokerage, management, inheritance and land utilization.

We design tangible goods including visual elements and culture inherited by intangible style including philosophy, and create the future overcoming the barriers of all industires, doubt common sense and changing.

The times are moving to "Cinema" from "Video." From records to stories. We will connect sensational moments and deliver memorable images as video suppliers by fully using our extensive experience in excess of 10,000 videos, rich emotion and sophisticated camera techniques.

We handle a variety of goods based on trust relationships with suppliers in the field of various industries, and develop value-chain with multifaceted view taking advantage of development of goods fitted with the times, stable supply chain and sales networks.

We provide services correspond to flexible customer needs by pursuit of high values,creating diversified sense of values, and spread information of life-size of charm by deepening relationships with community through "Manufacturing", "Koto Manufacturing" and "Human Resources Development".

We contibute to realisation of marketing innovation of customers by repeat of discovering, finding and branding ranging from consulting,formulation of network,selection of soft/hard ware and operation control in every business field.