Nothing Changes. If Nothing Changes.


Design Your Life 〜Our Mission〜

Discovering the value of things from various aspects, creating and weaving them to transmit

for a prosperous next generation 〜Our Vision〜

We will respect freedom and autonomy, fully adopt diverse values and colorful individuality and aim at continuous corporate group growth

〜Our Value〜

Business concept

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

Our company will aim to realize a flexible environment-adaptive company without fear of continuous change.

Human resource concept

Think globally act locally.

We will recognize the importance of both dynamic ideas to setup ideals with a broad view of the world and steady activities and energy to embody them.

Organization concept

Harmony with nature.

We will keep harmonization with society and coexistence with nature in mind as number one.

Action guidelines 〜Our Way〜

  • - We will always act positively.
  • - We will always make an effort in each job with a strong sense of responsibility.
  • - We will always meet people with respect and enthusiasm.
  • - We will always make efforts toward originality and creativity.
  • - We will always maintain a smile.
  • - We will always stick to our beliefs towards the realization of the goal.
  • - We will always respect the feeling of gratitude.
  • - We will always try to consider each environment.
  • - We will always contribute to the realization of a rich society.
  • - We will always advance step by step.